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Reporting Results & News: Celebrating Women's Amateur Athletic Achievements

Popularity in women's pro sports is exploding across the United States as seen increased game attendance and viewership of USWNT soccer and WNBA basketball.

Millions more women lace up their shoes, pump up bicycle tires, and put in hours of training for the chance to excel in competition, achieve long-held goals, and make their athletic dreams come alive.

That's why Go Speedy Divas is here! We're gonna:

  • Post race results to top women's amateur cycling, power walking, race walking, running, and triathlon events, and selected regional races,
  • Cheer their successes,
  • Offer encouragement when set backs and disappointments occur (and believe us, they do!), and
  • Remind the rest of us that we, too, can go for our own personal bests in these events (or whatever sport or fitness activity that fuels our spirit!) is a work-in-progress, and we hope you join us on this journey!

Inspiration for Young Women and Girls

Please share our postings with the young women, teens and girls so that they will be encouraged -- even inspired -- by the women achieving their sports and athletic goals. Who knows? You may one day cheer her on at a national championship...or Olympic gold!

top women in 2017 Huntsman World Senior Games 5K race walk in 65-69 age group

Want to Start Your Own Journey?

But you think you're too old, overweight, or out-of-shape to become a cyclist, runner, fast walker, or triathlete? Join with other women just like you over at where the focus is on possibility, self-realization, busting up preconceived ideas, and enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle.