woman cyclist at 2017 Huntsman World Senior Games road race

Our Approach

By reporting race results and news, we celebrate the achievements women are making in the amateur sports of cycling, power walking, race walking, running, triathlon, and more.

Filled with determination, grit and passion, these women are focused on realizing their goals in competition, and living their dreams of standing upon the podium as champions.

They stay committed to their training efforts despite the pressures and distractions of  college, work, careers or entrepreneurial pursuits, raising children and caring for family elders, volunteering in their communities, and more.

We also cheer on the pro women who are shattering stereotypes, busting myths, demonstrating the power of spirit and confidence, attracting the attention of sports media, and growing the number of loyal fans.

They are truly setting new standards for the next generation of female athletes to surpass.

The website is a project of Slowpoke Divas and launched in July 2019.


Bonnie Parrish-Kell holds her media pass to 2019 National Senior Games

Bonnie Parrish-Kell


When not cycling, race walking or pumping weights, Bonnie also manages SlowpokeDivas.com, a website encouraging women to discover, share and celebrate the joys of a healthy, active lifestyle and sports.

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