RESULTS: Women’s Cycling Criterium at Huntsman World Senior Games

deena millecam wins gold at 2019 Huntsman World Senior Games criterium cycling
Deena Millecam wins gold in Div II W70-74 criterium.

ST. GEORGE, UTAH -- On the former aviation tarmac situated high atop the mesa overlooking the city, hundreds of cyclists came to compete against each other and themselves on a two-kilometer, bone-shaped loop course.

This third day of racing saw the top women continuing to dominate their age groups. Meanwhile, Donna Pope took her first gold in Division III - Recreational, Women 60-64 in the criterium after finishing fourth in the 5K hill climb and third in the 20K time trial. In Division IV - Beginner, Women 55-59, a battle continued between Barbara Kane and Kelli Peay. The pair placed first and second, respectively, in the 5K hill climb, then reversed position in the 20K time trial. Today, they again finished first and second. The ominium champion would be decided the next day at the 37K road race.

The criterium's race length is based on time. All cyclists in all divisions finished on the same lap as the leader of the race. Times are recorded when riders cross the finish line after the winner. Officials didn't pull any riders out of contention from the race.


Division 1 - Expert

WOMEN 50-54
1 Lorri Zenoni Sandy, UT 30:20:00
WOMEN 55-59
1 Lori Hoechlin Rancho Mission Viejo, CA 30:18:00
2 Patricia McCarver Prescott, AZ 30:47:00
WOMEN 60-64
1 Margaret Douglass Millcreek, UT 30:19:00
WOMEN 65-59
1 Donna Ingle Las Vegas, NV 30:20:00
2 Penny Perkins Salt Lake City, UT 31:53:00
3 Diana Ready Mt. Vernon, OH 32:38:00
4 Vicki Linton Salt Lake City, UT 32:45:00
WOMEN 75-79
1 Julianna Kimball Sun City, AZ 34:33:00
WOMEN 80-84
1 Patricia Beam Caledonia, IL 32:45:00
2 Gail Vanderlinde Atascadero, CA 32:58:00
3 Eleanor Hamre Salida, CO 35:00:00

Division II - Experienced

WOMEN 50-54
1 Nikki Swinton Edmonton, AB, Canada 26:32:00
WOMEN 55-59
1 Karen Schwartz Tucson, AZ 26:15:00
WOMEN 60-64
1 Dori Lewis Dana Point, CA 24:37:00
2 Lisa Crujido Prescott, AZ 26:31:00
WOMEN 65-69
1 Vicki Stone Pleasant Grove, UT 25:16:00
2 Katherine Kessinger Salt Lake City, UT 25:18:00
WOMEN 70-74
1 Deena Millecam Vernal, UT 27:52:00

Division III - Recreational

WOMEN 55-59
1 Ramona Lasson Sandy, UT 24:39:00
2 Susan Dalton American Fork, UT 27:15:00
WOMEN 60-64
1 Donna Pope Sandy, UT 24:39:00
2 Eileen Moss Cedar Hills, UT 24:39:00
WOMEN 65-69
1 Barbara DeBry Salt Lake City, UT 26:16:00
2 Toni Kingston Ivins, UT 25:34:00
3 Cindy Buie Sandy, UT 25:13:00
WOMEN 75-79
1 Judy Peterson Centerville, UT 27:16:00

Division IV - Beginner

WOMEN 55-59
1 Barbara Kane West Jordan, UT 24:33:00
2 Kelli Peay Mapleton, UT 24:36:00
3 Deborah Harris Meridian, ID 25:15:00
4 Colleen Minson Salt Lake City, UT 28:57:00
WOMEN 60-64
1 Cindy Shaw Auburn, NE 24:35:00
2 Cheri Haggard Mission Viejo, CA 24:37:00
3 Bonnie Parrish-Kell* Las Vegas, NV 28:39:00

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