RESULTS: Women’s Cycling Road Races at Huntsman World Senior Games

Lorri Zenoni wins gold at 2019 Huntsman World Senior Games
Lorri Zenoni wins gold at 2019 Huntsman World Senior Games.

IVINS, UT -- Day four of women's cycling began in Ivins, a growing community adjacent to St. George. The road races featured fast-paced action on a new course comprised of three distances, rolling terrain, climbs, and exquisite fall foliage.

Because the 50K and 37K women's road race courses were significantly changed this year (much to the dismay of several competitors including the publisher of, the following winning results will be considered records for the course.

62K Road Race

This course for Division I men 50-69 and Division II men 50-64 was a circuit course featuring plenty of "rollies" (rolling terrain); 1,700 foot gain/loss, and upgrades mostly under 6% but one 9% (0.4 mile), one 6%-11% (1.1 mile). Long downhill, fast, twisty, challenging descent through scenic Snow Canyon State Park (reverse Hill Climb) near finish.

However, one woman raced that tough course! Nina LaFerla (Omaha, NE) secured her gold medal with a 2 hour, 54 minute, and 57 second time.

50K Road Race

Cyclists in Divisions I and II, Women 50-64 followed the course out to the turnaround at Eagle Mountain Ranch on the northern outskirts of Gunlock, a small farming community.

Division 1 - Expert

WOMEN 50-54
1 Lorri Zenoni Sandy, UT 2:02:15
WOMEN 55-59
1 Lori Hoechlin Rancho Mission Viejo, CA 1:36:46
2 Patricia McCarver Prescott, AZ 2:09:31
WOMEN 60-64
1 Margaret Douglass Millcreek, UT 1:43:43

Division II - Experienced

WOMEN 50-54
1 Nikki Swinton Edmonton, AB, Canada 1:39:37
WOMEN 55-59
1 Karen Schwartz Tucson, AZ 2:06:34
WOMEN 60-64
1 Dori Lewis Dana Point, CA 1:55:42
2 Lisa Crujido Prescott, AZ 2:01:33

37K Road Race

All other women's skill divisions and age groups followed the course to the turnaround at the entrance to Gunlock State Park, just south of the farming community.

Division 1 - Expert

WOMEN 65-69
1 Donna Ingle Las Vegas, NV 1:15:30
2 Lynne Buckner Sandy, UT 1:25:32
3 Vicki Linton Salt Lake City, UT 1:48:31
4 Diana Ready Mt. Vernon, OH 1:52:44
WOMEN 75-79
1 Julianna Kimball Sun City, AZ 1:52:37
WOMEN 80-84
1 Patricia Beam Caledonia, IL 1:43:50
2 Gail Vanderlinde Atascadero, CA 1:52:32
3 Eleanor Hamre Salida, CO 2:28:16

Division II - Experienced

WOMEN 65-59
1 Sue Crosby Washington, UT 1:31:10
2 Julie Fields Ivins, UT 1:36:27
3 Katherine Kessinger Salt Lake City, UT 1:50:44
WOMEN 70-74
1 Deena Millecam Vernal, UT 1:34:11

Division III - Recreational

WOMEN 50-54
1 Michelle Graves St. George, UT 1:39:01
WOMEN 55-59
1 Ramona Lasson Sandy, UT 1:27:42
2 Susan Dalton American Fork, UT 1:35:03
3 Tina Ellis Centerville, UT 1:41:19
4 Jill Madsen Centerville, UT 1:49:47
WOMEN 60-64
1 Kari Nestingen-Hussey Ivins, UT 1:22:57
2 Eileen Moss Cedar Hills, UT 1:26:02
3 Carol Dyer Redlands, CA 1:29:35
4 Donna Pope Sandy, UT 1:31:04
5 Susan Gierga Marina Del Rey, CA 1:50:57
WOMEN 65-69
1 Barbara DeBry Salt Lake City, UT 1:31:10
2 Toni Kingston Ivins, UT 1:46:10
3 Kristin Christensen Mccall, ID 2:26:48
4 Cindy Buie Sandy, UT 2:30:40
WOMEN 75-79
1 Judy Peterson Centerville, UT 2:24:02

Division IV - Beginner

WOMEN 50-54
1 Patrice Hansen Heber City, UT 1:25:41
2 Paula Olson Prescott, AZ 1:30:31
WOMEN 55-59
1 Barbara Kane West Jordan, UT 1:23:17
2 Deborah Harris Meridian, ID 1:46:25
3 Colleen Minson Salt Lake City, UT 2:56:01
WOMEN 60-64
1 Cheri Haggard Mission Viejo, CA 1:25:28
2 Cindy Shaw Auburn, NE 1:31:04
WOMEN 65-69
1 Rita Lyman Hurricane, UT 1:43:52
2 Jill Poll Centerville, UT 1:44:06
3 Charlene Rohrer San Diego, CA 2:00:26
4 Bette Hubrich Fruit Heights, UT 2:55:58

Note: Bonnie Parrish-Kell, publisher of, did not start her 37K road race due to unexpected business demands.

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